The Importance of User Research

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User experience or UX design has risen in popularity in recent years despite it’s always having been an important part of the user centered design process. This notoriety has increased its use by companies and organizations of a much smaller size and income level, but an essential part of the user experience process that is often overlooked and is typically first to be cut out of the design process is user research.

Why Use It

The purpose of user research is to influence your design off of direct audience feedback in order to establish a level of high user satisfaction. It makes the product as pointed towards its audience as possible. The product team receives information from their users during this step that can include what issues they are having with the functionality or what they like or dislike about the visuals. User research is about understanding the full audience of a product in addition to the wants of the client which may not always take into consideration other perspectives. The application of this information in the design can also increase the use of a product as a happy customer is more likely to purchase again and spread the word.


User research can broken down into practice in many ways, and depending on the project or goal, the method of research can vary, but a few ways we gather information at RedTree are:

  • Researching the audience(s) via established data
  • Interviewing users directly
  • Sending out surveys to current and/or potential users
  • Online testing of designs

When considering a redesign or the production of something new, include all of the steps in making the ideal design. That product concept should be examined from all angles and user research helps that happen.

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