Our Community vs COVID-19

When we are faced a with horrible situation, like COVID-19, you really start to see how strong the community you’ve built is. Even though we are still in the middle of dealing with this pandemic, and we have no idea of the ramifications that are about to come, I’m so proud of my community and our RedTree team.

As a community we’ve come together to help each other by lending support, helping spread the word, or just listening with empathy. I know here at RedTree we’ve been trying to keep things as normal as possible and we have been helping our clients and community through these times as best we know how, by lending our expertise.

Our Team

We’ve always run our business pretty automated and a lot of us work remotely so this hasn’t been as large of a change. Below are a couple of things our team is doing to keep things as normal as possible.

“I’ve been keeping a regular sleep, shower & eating schedule. It’s so easy to skip any of these when working from home."
~ Debbie

“Work every day from a designated area and and desk that I set up to be as office-like as possible."
~ Alicia

“Listening to podcasts and music while I’m working to be able to focus in."
~ Michelle

“I get dressed in office-appropriate clothes every day for work, and I call friends and family regularly on the phone to get some social time."
~ Nina

Our Clients

We’ve been chatting with a lot of our clients and they’ve come up with some really great ideas on how to communicate and continue to add value. Below are some they have discussed with us:

  • Add a notice to your website that you’re still working and how to be reached
  • How do you take your analog process and make it digital (i.e. intake forms, etc.)?
  • How to communicate with your prospect digitally  (i.e. online chat, Facebook/Instagram live, etc.)?
  • Work on their website – They are taking this extra time to focus on their website
  • Start selling online – A lot of our brick and mortars need to stay a float by selling items online now

Our Connections

In the midst of all the uncertainty that has come with the onslaught of COVID-19, the RedTree team has been looking for ways to utilize our connections and expertise to serve our community. Last Friday we created a space for business owners, who are also experts in their field, to come and lend some insights on what they were doing and how businesses could react.

Our Community

As I said in the beginning, community is everything during these times, and I’m happy I have a strong community looking for solutions and spreading positivity. Thank you!

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