The Making of the Favorite Case Study Video

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The first of every month RedTree posts on social media a video case study of Meesha explaining a recent project. These videos correspond to our online case studies in our portfolio and are meant to give our audience a deeper dive into what kinds of projects we work on and how we execute them. As we have now culminated a full year of case studies, for December we decided to do a post on our team’s favorite case study projects as a fun twist on the same old theme and to give the world a different insight into our team’s minds.

We are not in the business of video production at RedTree, but these videos are satisfying to create. For this particular favorites case study, I got to bring in the whole team which added a creative twist to the production. A brief rundown of the typical case study process is as follows:

  • A project is selected and a script written
  • We decide on a location
  • On a set day and time, Meesha is filmed
  • At a time of convenience, B roll is shot
  • All the resulting footage is scraped together into a video
  • A bunch of versions of the original are saved out for social media
  • Another version is put together for our online portfolio
  • Everything is pushed live!

It’s always fun to film these videos but it can be hard to get comfortable in front of the camera, so I thought I’d give you a little behind -the-scenes peak at this month’s awkward moments from our awesome team! You’re welcome.

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