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We know that choosing the right web designer for your business can be a daunting task. With 63% of business marketers agreeing that Google is the new home page for their business, an attractive website is more vital that ever!

But how do you find the right web designer? We’ve found that customer reviews are often the most trusted source where people can hear about the breadth and quality of our services.

With that in mind, we’ve taken a special interest in Clutch, a ratings and review firm that conducts unbiased reviews based off of verified information from clients.

Our clients leave us reviews on Clutch to voice their satisfaction. Thanks to them, and our hard work, we have been named as one of the top web designers in Pittsburgh.

Clutch is not the only site we’ve been recognized on. A business news site, The Manifest, has ranked us among the top web designers in Pittsburgh as well!

Our CEO has a few words regarding our recent accomplishments and the importance of receiving feedback via reviews: 

“Feedback helps us grow as a business and helps us provide better products and solutions to clients, therefore allowing us to help another local business to grow."

Meesha Gerhart

Our client, Partners in Medical Education, left us a 5-star review on Clutch. We helped them with web development including website redesign, adding and optimizing new content to enhance branding, and SEO services.

We worked hard on a website that both Partners in Medical Education and their clients would enjoy, and so far, website traffic has increased.

The President of Partners in Medical Education has given us a 5-star review because of outstanding skill and professionalism.

“It was a seamless workflow. They handled the timeline very well. We made good progress and worked on each piece separately.”

President, Partners in Medical Education

Partners in Medical Education is just one of our many happy clients – we always put in 100% on all the work we do, so we love receiving positive feedback.

See what our other clients are saying about us by checking out our RedTree Clutch profile »

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