How many clicks does it take?

How many clicks does it take visitors to get to the core or your services?

Have you ever seen the old cartoon of the boy asking the  owl, “How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop"? Every time we look at a website we ask a similar question, “How many clicks will it take to get to a business’ core offerings?"

If you were to ask me what makes RedTree different than most of our competitors, I would tell you that we make a mean cup of coffee. No really, but in all seriousness, it’s our unique combination of design and user experience. We pride ourselves on creating goal-driven websites that create visually appealing user paths to find a business’ core services.

Every business is a little different in the goals they have and the products/services they offer. So I’ve outlined a couple of examples below on how to best maximize your visitor’s user experience. This way potential customers don’t lose trust by continually searching for the information, or worse yet, get frustrated and leave.

Product-Based Website (no e-commerce)

Herrmann and Associates sell commercial and industrial HVAC equipment. We needed to create a clear way to showcase their manufacturers, products and portray what their company did.


  1. Showing that Herrmann has partnerships with numerous manufacturers
  2. Highlight products and their substantial local inventory


How could we best maximize all the information Herrmann needed to convey without making visitors click through pages to understand their offerings?

Herrmann’s Home page needed to cover a lot of ground about their business but we didn’t want to add too much information which might confuse visitors. We created a simple Manufacturers scrolling bar allowing them to expand their partnerships. Allowing for four Featured Products gives a taste of their inventory and what they can offer.  Although each one of these sections on the Home page has links to pages, we also emphasized these topics directly in the navigation so prospects would only have to click once to identify Herrmann’s core services.

Herrmann Part Home Page Design

Service-Based Website

Mecka Fitness is a one-stop gym that offers a wide variety of classes including cycling, yoga, boxing, boot camp and beyond. Mecka needed to showcase each type of class but not give any preference to one over the other.


  1. Showcase all types of classes Mecka Offered
  2. Allow for all class types to have equal importance


How could we highlight each individual class without adding more emphasis to one over the others?

Mecka Fitness’ Home page needed to pack a big punch (pun intended). They had just created a new video highlighting each one of their classes, so we knew that was going to be used for visitors to get a taste of how the classes looked. Our design needed to have the navigation and videos work together instead of competing. We created the grid layout overlay to allow visitors to engage with the video and still navigate for more information.

After a visitor starts to scroll, there were six classes we needed to summarize and created an engaging method for them to keep scrolling but not feel like they were merely rolling down a page. Once you got to the introduction of classes, the section would freeze but eliminates would continually scroll not emphasizing or deemphasizing any class type. Utilizing these two elements, visitors should only have to click one time to get to understand more about Mecka Fitnesses offerings.

It can be difficult to show everything your business has to offer on the Home page, as I’ve outlined above. For content right websites you may have to have someone click 2-3 times to get to the core of your services. The critical concept to utilize is, are you creating a path for them or are they overwhelmed by the number of options and leave your website? If you need help deciding what your current site is doing, get our free consultation to see if you’re on the right path.

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