Our Design Process

Diving deep to produce the best possible result

An expanded design process for a deeper and more creative understanding of our client and their audiences. Implemented to satisfy the needs of both in the creation of the best possible product.

Phase 1 | Discovery and Research

We take this time to be properly introduced to the client. In order to understand their goals, we must understand their audience. Research supplements this stage and is used to glean what that audience needs and wants.

Phase 2 | Analyze and Define

Using the information gathered in the previous phase of the process, our team takes the time to analyze that data. The purpose is to pinpoint the issues or goals most relevant to the client and their audiences.

Phase 3 | Ideation

The team will come together to brainstorm on the defined issues. Out-of-the-box thinking is encouraged during this facilitated meeting during which one or more activities are commenced to produce an abundance of ideas that will then be narrowed down to a high-quality solution.

Phase 4 | Design Presentation

Now that ideas have been generated and made robust, we bring the client back in for a design presentation. The RedTree team and the client will come together for discussion that will push the process forward into creation.

Phase 5 | Content and Prototyping

Content will be created and our team will produce physical examples of the solutions so diligently assembled throughout the previous steps, and finally culminating in a final presentation to the client.