How many clicks does it take?

Have you ever seen the old cartoon of the boy asking the owl, "How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop"? Every time we look at a website we ask a...

Website Performance Tools

Many different factors go into your ranking on search engines. One of the most significant ones is how quickly your website loads, which is also a factor in your overall website performance.

Web Accessibility: Designing for Disabilites

I think many in web design overlook web accessibility. I know I am absolutely guilty of it, especially when I’m against a deadline. Excuses abound, but that does not make them valid. Really, there is no excuse. To be...

Sales Funnel: A B2B Business

Infographic:  Example business-to-business sales funnel. Once you’ve determined your businesses marketing goals you need them to convert. After converting you want a measurable process in place. Once you’ve established how to measure your return on investment for your marketing...

Sales Funnel: Yoga Pants Company

The below infographic shows the process of a sales funnel for a pretend yoga pant company.  

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