Contact Pages Are Not Effective

Contact pages are not effective. Even if they were made by RedTree, they still aren’t engaging new customers.

In the modern web, a “Contact Us” page that lists your phone number, email, and maybe your mailing address is mandatory. Every website has one, and they are great for giving current customers an easy way to find your contact information.

What they aren’t great at is engaging new customers. For that, you need a lead generation strategy.

Lead Generation Strategy

Think of it this way: A lot of people go shopping, and even if they want help from a store associate, they won’t go ask for it. We’re living in a society that gets uncomfortable when someone calls instead of texts (you’ve probably heard Uncle Jerry complain about that), so we want the store associate to come to us. If the associate never makes that move, the most likely outcome is that the potential customer just walks out of the store without purchasing anything (even if that was their intention in the first place).

Your website is not so different. You have to meet your customers half way. In our store example, the potential customer took the effort to drive to the store. That’s a big step forward. In the digital world, our website is like the store. Getting someone to show up in the first place is a feat, so don’t expect your customer to do the hard work of asking to be sold to.

Engage Them!

Lead generation—getting a customer’s contact information and permission to follow up—comes in many forms. Typically, they all boil down to some sort of offer (often called a lead magnet). If the customer gives you their contact information, they get the offer. Some examples:

  • A consultation or trial
  • A white paper or guide
  • A discount or coupon code

Once you have the contact information, you can be the one that reaches out to engage, and the end result is a much more consistent sales pipeline than what you’ll see if you rely on new customers to actually pick up the phone and call you.

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