What Kind Of Web Designer Are You?

Recently my boss proposed revising my current job title, and asked for ideas. We have taken some time to look into new titles, and it proved difficult to pinpoint.

Background: My graduate degree is in Interdisciplinary Design which was titled to encompass the variety of creative fields the students became experienced in including all design, but also typography and even animation and film. After graduate school came freelancing until starting with RedTree as a web designer.

Over the 2+ years with RedTree my responsibilities have expanded way more than for a standard design job. At a small company, this is normal. With fewer people to take on the work, the variety of tasks for an individual increases. In a way it parallels graduate school in that the types of projects I do are diverse, but it reaches even further to include tasks specific to growing a company like overseeing multi-person projects, defining company work-flow processes and becoming versed in social media (not something I used to participate in actively).

So, to look for a title that encompasses everything that goes into my work week seems challenging. It could be generalized in an attempt to encapsulate the task-diversity or I could look for that title that fits my responsibilities to a T. The former would mean taking on a title that is normally given to individuals more experienced in terms of people managed, however the latter seems almost impossible?

This lead to the realization that there isn’t gong to be a perfect title for what I do. The goal now is choose the one that fits the best. But in case you’re looking and want some insight, I listed some options below.

Web Designer | Good old-fashioned web designer. Basic, but real.

UX/UI Designer | The marketer of designers. A bit confusing in definition, but probably the future of “web designer”. And you could get even more specialized with just UI Designer or UX Designer. Here is a list of a bajillion tech job descriptions if you want a more detailed explanation of these.

Interaction Designer | Basically a designer/developer combo. How versed are you in jQuery?

Full-stack Designer | Was aware of but couldn’t define this one until now, but according to creativebloq.com it’s “Similar to full-stack web developers who code for both front- and back-end technologies. Full-stack designers will have skills in multiple design disciplines.”

Creative Director | A title that encompasses all the responsibility, so get it together if this is you.

So, bringing this full circle, what kind of a designer are you?

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