Same old UI patterns

Feel like you’ve seen one website and then the next 20 you visit all look the same? Well that’s probably very true! With the growth of mobile use and the need for responsive design, these are tested UI (User Interface) patterns that have been developed to make the user’s experience better for multiple devices. Now these reproductions are not necessarily a bad thing, a shopping cart will always be a shopping cart and the process should always remain the same.

Couple of UI trends to look for in 2016:

The Hamburger

We all know what it does when we see it but very few of us know what it is called. We used to only see these on mobile phones but are seeing them used more and more on desktops.


Reference Website SMARTSolution Technologies

Account Registration

We all know this, it is usually a form to fill out or a button to press. We are seeing the option to sign up with an alternate account such as Facebook or Google which helps fill those required fields of information.

Long Scroll

The old rule of thumb used to be “Everything above the fold.” This may still be the case in some situations, but thanks to mobile devices, this is a thing of the past. Having one long web page that is broken up into sections helps tell a story.


Reference Website St. Louise de Marillac School

Card Layout

We can thank Pinterest for this. Typically this is used in more of a photo gallery but we are seeing it used more for content stacking in things like Blog Posts or News Articles.


Reference Website Wild Rose Landscaping

Impactful Images

Setting the tone for the website for first-time visitors is important. Having that first impactful photo to draw inspiration and empowerment is a lasting first impression.


Reference Website Painted Wings

Reference article by AWWWards on 2016 Web Trends

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