What is Lead Generation? [Gallery]

Basically, a lead generation process is trying to gain a visitor’s information, like email address or phone number, in order to connect with them, nurture a friendship and then, hopefully, sell to them in the future.

Here is a very basic lead generation process broken down into a few steps:

  1. Capture: Pretty self-explanatory; this is where we get the information we need. This can be from your blog, by downloading a resource or discussing something via social media.
  2. Nurture: Think of it like a friendship…if you never call your friend to hang out you won’t really have that friend anymore. This is where you connect with your prospect and grow the connection.
  3. Scoring: This can be a little more tricky. Think about your target audience: Is it 20-30-year-old women with $100,000/year income? Well if you get a lead of a 62-year-old man with a fixed income then the scoring on him would be lower then a 24-year-old female CEO.
  4. Selling: Once you have 1-3 in place, this is where you can start to sell. Maybe it’s time to inform them of a new product or tell them about one of your current products on sale. This will hopefully lead to a sale since you have taken the time to “connect.”

There is no sure-fire way to generate leads because every business is a little different. Think of it this way, “What kind of added resource am I or what could I offer that people would want to give their name and email address for?”

The answer to that is where you should put your lead generation form.

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