A smartphone displaying the Dadel application.

Dadel is a start-up out of CMU’s Swartz Center Incubator and they wanted to create a platform to help non-profits improve engagement through better member data.

This platform would enable Dadel to validate whether members would be willing to make updates via their website and test the viability of a member app.They came to us to create an intuitive and effective user interface for this new app.

GOAL | Discovery of Functionality and User Flow

When Dadel met with us, they already had a relationship with a backend engineer, but were in need of the front end visuals to begin their build. They came to us with a general understanding of how they wanted their application to function, but needed our help to create a user interface that their customers could easily understand and use.

GOAL | User Research to Establish Pathways

Dadel’s app caters to two general user groups: organizations that are entering and managing their members’ data and the members themselves. The needs and processes of both audiences were assessed and mapped. We then took that information and sketched out the paths the users would take and after several reviews and revisions, a final ideal user flow was decided on.

A whiteboard where the team has workshopped user needs and storyboarded some UI designs.
GOAL | Prototypes and Frameworks

The sketches of the finalized user flow were turned into prototypes and then passed off to our front end developer to create a CSS framework. From there, Dadel’s engineer was able to take the CSS framework and build out a version of their application to be used by their clients.

VIDEO | Dadel Case Study
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