Rhabit Analytics

The Rhabit Analytics design displayed on a laptop.

Rhabit was created by a team that has spent years consulting with companies ranging from Fortune 1000 to 50 on talent management, including analytics, development, selection, and scaling.

They create original software that builds on their domain expertise and molds high performance cultures to give people fulfilling, engaging work lives. Their mission is to be the single most effective and innovative product for building high performing work cultures through feedback.

GOAL | Facilitating 1 on 1 Conversations with Clients

Rhabit builds software that enables effective and fast employee feedback. While consulting with clients, they saw a need around facilitating 1 on 1 conversations so we collaborated with them on creating a new UI for those situations. We started by truly understanding their existing software configuration and how that translated into their current solution. Then, we started to create line wire frames that outlined the user flow and accounted for each element needed and how it would translate into UI.

Snapshots of the RedTree design process, showing a wireframe sketch and some UI storyboards.
GOAL | Emphasizing the Right Components

The largest challenge we encountered was how to emphasize the right components while still easily accessing other data points. This allows the user to continue with their in-person conversation and not get lost in the software. We solved that by having the main modular be at the top of the page with a horizontal slider for new information with reference data being on the lower portion of the screen.

VIDEO | Rhabit Analytics case study
Visit our YouTube channel for our full case study series!

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