Why Update WordPress, Plugins and Themes?

We build a lot of our websites inside of WordPress and one thing we always need to address is updates. Updates to the WordPress platform, the plugins installed and the themes applied. Most of the time we are always asked the same question, Is this necessary? I always respond “Yes!”

Most content management systems, applications, or software always need to be updated. Think of your computer, and these updates are needed, and here are the main reasons:

  • Increased Security
  • Fixing Bugs
  • Enhances Functionality and Features

Let’s dive a little deeper into why these are so important.

Increased Security

We all know how important security is in technology, including your website. WordPress core, plugins, and theme release updates that will fix security holes that might have occurred inside of their plugin are important updates. So to reduce the number of security holes, you may have to update!

When we talk to any client, we are always transparent about WordPress’s security issues. Hackers are not trying to target you or your business specifically, they are monitoring release notes. Once they see a vulnerability, they will start to exploit it. So again, this is why updating is so important.

Fixing Bugs

This is pretty self-explanatory. WordPress core, plugins, and themes have bugs that an update could fix. These are different than security updates but will impact how you use the features and functionality. Which leads us to our next reason.

Additional Features and Functionality

An update can introduce new features or functionality to your WordPress website. This might be a feature you’ve always wanted or functionality you didn’t know you couldn’t live without. By applying the updates, these new options will be available to be used.

In Conclusion

I feel like a broken record but I’ve spent many sleepless nights fixing hacked websites for our clients which results in a grumpy Meesha and a large invoice to our clients. Neither one is fun so we can avoid both of those by applying updates regularly.

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