The TDI website displayed on a laptop.

This Pittsburgh based company in Blawnox has been supplying used and remanufactured mechanical and electrical equipment to industry professionals since 2001.

Their website project was a fun one for us. Not only did we help them revamp their site to attract more customer leads, but we also built a custom user interface that tracks inventory accurately in real time.

GOAL | Provide a real time inventory for employees and customers

It was important to have an accurate inventory for both employees and customers to access 24/7. We first optimized the user flow. Then we placed as many products above the fold as possible so they were easy to view and promote. Since TDI Group didn’t have many photos, we decreased photo sizes so more products and info. could fit.

GOAL | Make it easy to get in touch with the right person

We connected customers quickly to the right customer service person by providing a “Get a quote” button near the product they were searching for. We also included a pop-up that prompts them for their name, email and a contact number so that TDI Group can email the quote to the requester and also capture their information for later follow-ups.

GOAL | Send automatic quotes and pricing

Customers always love the ability to get accurate quotes and pricing instantly, whether it’s 2:00 in the morning or during a busy workday. By sending an automatic email that provides the information they seek, TDI gives customers an instant touch and keeps accurate records for follow-ups. These auto responses also free TDI up so they can pursue other avenues for sales growth.

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