USAID Landlinks Case Studies

Cloudburst Group came to us looking to create an unique interactive layout for USAID LandLinks’s website for their extensive land rights case studies for countries around the world.

GOAL | Use photo assets as visual guideposts to direct user experience

USAID has a robust archive of high-quality images from trips and projects that they wanted to use to visually show the work being done and the lives being changed. We were also dealing with large blocks of text that needed visual references that allowed the eye to rest. We were able to use their photos as visual guideposts to lead users through various sections while maintaining fonts, colors, and other branding elements that might have been threatened by introducing new graphical elements.

GOAL | A fluid user experience with high readability and easy access to information

We wanted to introduce a dynamic user experience without compromising overall design. To accomplish this, we applied a secondary side navigation with anchor links that directed users to particular parts of each case study. This sticky menu allows users to skip to information they need that might be found at the bottom of the study without needing to manually scroll through the entire page.

GOAL | Maintain brand reputation as a global leader in international aid

Borrowing elements from print journalism and magazine publishing like pull quotes, callouts, and lift outs alongside the high quality, human-centered photography allowed users to engage each case study more like a human interest story in a magazine than a case study on a government website while maintaining the brand’s reputation as an international leader in aid programs.

Check out our full design explanation in our Case Study video series.

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